"Ninād" combines the Sanskrit words "ni" (within) and "nād" (sound).

"Ninād" is the "sound within" that denotes the origin of all Creation.

We strive to evoke that same spirit of innovation in our Composition, Training and Therapy services

we weave
Music * Movement * Mind

'Jumba La La song', co-created with young students and teachers of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE),
expressing friendship with our environment

celebrating SAICE's 70th anniversary, staged at Sri Aurobindo Ashram's Sports Ground, Pondicherry, 2nd December 2013

'Mudra Motifs' - a short film by Arnab B. Chowdhury & team Ninād

tracing symbolic gestures during moments that celebrate Divinity
Masi Magam (Pondicherry), Durga Puja (Kolkata), Guruvayur (Kerala), Shantiniketan (Bengal)

Premiered at Auroville Film Festival 2013

in memory of a conversation with William Greaves
~ pioneering African-American film maker, Emmy award winner
obituary at New York Times, August 26, 2014

'Spandan' - live composition-performance by Arnab B. Chowdhury as the final artist of the Opening Ceremony
evoking Empathy via a recurring theme based on Raga Kafi for a live 1,500 member audience

at the 14th World Congress for Music Therapy,
co-hosted by University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna and IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria, July 2014

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